I’m an Entitled Little Shit: Puppygames and Why They’re Right.

Let me start this post, first of all by pointing out that I am a gamer myself. And quite an aggressive one myself. I let my opinions be known, often and loudly. I pissed and moaned about The Fullbright Company having the audacity to charge 20 dollars for an interactive tumblr blog written by a 13 year old whose parents just don’t understand. I didn’t piss and moan at them now. And I think that’s sort of where the issue lies.

My problem was not with Gone Home’s game strictly (though it’s subject matter to me goes well into the realm of deep for deep sake pandering to game journalists, with those who understood the game giving it great scores for it’s subject matter and the rest just sort of playing along. Plus price doesn’t come into account with Reviewer cos lol free gayums), but with it’s price. Why? I’m an entitled piece of shit. 20 dollars in a world where Steam has amazing games going down to the price of a bar of chocolate, where Humble Bundle has 5 games going for that price. I am an entitled piece of shit I tells ya.
Currently I have 347 games on Steam, I have played maybe 50 of them. That is what the devaluing of games is doing. I have maybe spent abit over 200 euro total on all the games I have, Steam trading cards, Humble Bundles, Bundlestars, Tower Bundle, indie royale. These combined make me an entitled little shit. And leave devs in the lurch.

Word of mouth for games is vital. And I’m sure these bundles help contribute to that a bit. But for every 1,000 people who buy the bundle your game is in, what do you think are the odds they either got it for your game or played your game after getting it? I’d say fairly low.

I buy because it’s a deal. I wait. I snipe the price of games because “They’ll go down by 75% in a Steam Sale I bet”. And if they don’t: “It’s still too expensive”. I will probably not get your game if it isn’t on sale, couponed, an irish made game, Octodad, or in a bundle. Everything else is trash in my eyes. Everything else is worthless and overpriced by Devs who think what they made is God’s gift to the indie gaming scene. Fuck those entitled assholes. I’m not going to pay 15 dollars for your game. I can get 15 Humble Bundles for that price. Oh, your game in the Steam Sale? 75% off or GTFO. 75% off, okay you got a deal.

Install the game, play that shit for days while on Skype with friends and having 50 tabs in chrome open, 5 of which are fully buffered videos. The game crashes. Man fuck those shitty devs. Their game crashes, can’t even make a stable game. Did they even test it? UGGGGHHHH!! Everyone must know.

What just happened? I played that game for days, no problem. I loved it, it was awesome. Then one bad experience. Fuck that game. Blast it on twitter. Complain, tell people not to get it. The devs don’t give a shit.

What didn’t I do? Tell the devs the game crashed in a professional and discreet way. If I did that, with a screenshot, for a new game they might go “Thanks” then a patch might come in. They might just create a new patch, or put up a blog post saying the issues been dealt with.

But how often do gamers relay their issues properly to people who actually care or can do something about it? Rarely. Why? Gamers are not very nice people.

As mentioned in Puppygame’s(http://www.puppygames.net/blog/?p=1574) rant: Gamers are not very nice people. As I’ve mentioned: I’m an entitled little shit.  And what’s even worse: there’s very little games companies can even do about it. 

Let’s go back to the points I made about Gone Home and how I sort of publicly slammed it. Let’s say the Fullbright Company or it’s devs or whoever saw this tweet or post. They get angry and decide to reply. What happens? I post a screencap on reddit: “Fullbright Company can’t take criticism, curse customer”. Comments are unleashed, gamers who normally don’t two shits feel vindicated in their hatred of the Fullbright Company and Gone Home. They are assholes who can’t take criticism, they attack customers. Fuck those guys. 

Then what happens? If the post on reddit gets big enough, the Fullbright Company might issue a statement, insisting that they were merely responding to unjust and hurtful attacks. The community doesn’t accept their statement.

Then what? Fucking Kotaku comes out with a post that is just meant to stir shit probably titled: “Gone Home Dev, Punches Orphan Child and Blinds him, Seeks Kickstarter for Hospital Fees”. And that’s when the shit really hits the fan. 

Why? I don’t fully know but I can take a guess: People like when other people hate the things they hate. That’s as simple as it gets. Because, gamers are not very nice people. 


So, who wins in this scenario? The fucking games journalists, and me. I get mad reddit karma for bringing this shit to fruition, and the journos get free clicks because of shit stirring. Who else? If they’re lucky, maybe the Fullbright Company. All publicity is good publicity as they say. That’s complete horseshit. But, what it may mean for the Fullbright Company is a thing I like to call: Hate Sales. And then there’s the Spite Sales

Hate Sales, are when someone with no prior knowledge of something sees the shit stirring Kotaku post or the original reddit thread and wants to follow up on it. Similar to how you might hear an off the cuff fact made in a TV show and see if it holds precedence. You see if the game is as bad as people make it out to be. And that’s a sale right there. Not necessarily a well intentioned one but a sale none the less. It happens, trust me. I’ve on occasion bought terrible games because of how bad people say they are just to see if they’re as bad as people say they are. In this case, All Publicity is Good Publicity.

Spite Sales, are when someone with some prior knowledge of something sees the shit stirring Kotaku post or the original reddit thread, sees past all the vitriol and circlejerking going on in the threads and attempts to help out the Devs who are being screwed in this situation. This is a kindhearted soul, possibly a fellow game developer who understands that the Fullbright Company’s reply is either inane or being twisted. They buy the game, possibly for the second time, give it a good review, and hope they can somehow slow down the anger and hate. 


In both these cases the company gets a sale, but the damage has been done. It would take a windfall of sales to bring them out of the gameshitting people are doing. They’ve lost so much. Because they replied. They didn’t bait a troll. They communicated with a customer. And look where it got them. 

This shit happens all the time. Tommy Refenes got baited and trolled on reddit while trying to offer genuine support for a customer having issues with Super Meat Boy. The fact that Phil Fish exists pisses off most gamers. Zoe Quinn can’t even release a free game about Depression made in Twine without having her entire private live dragged into public, receive death and rape threats on a daily basis. 

How could you say gamers are nice people? We are entitled little shits. 


PS: That fullbright company didn’t actually happen, and wouldn’t but could with literally any dev. I didn’t completely trash Gone Home.  


The puppygames article is a great read(check it out here: Link to article). Well worth a look. I meant to be more close to it, but my direction didn’t synch as much as I’d like.  But still: The points stand. Steams practices make it nigh on impossible to sell except super low and many, customers aren’t as valuable and incur more cost per person, arguing with customers makes you infamous (look at Amy’s Baking Company or Phil Fish), all press is good press -but not necessarily good for your health. 


Their post should make you strongly consider whether games is a career you wish to do on your own. It wouldn’t suit me on my own personally. I’d argue too much. I’m too much of an entitled little shit. 


You are all worthless.